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About me

A gifted and innovative Graphic Designer with a focus on visual identity, print media, and environmental graphics with over 10 years of experience in these areas. Competent and skilled in a wide range of graphic design software such as Adobe CS (Xd, Ps, Ai, Id) Corel draw, etc. I have had experience in Photography, Photo Editing, Media, Advertising, etc. Since I have been educated in Graphic Design and Psychology, and have worked in both professionally, I will be able to communicate more effectively.

About: Bio
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Dealing with the issues around us emotionally, without sufficient knowledge and thinking, is the main reason for our problems.

Pedram Fayazian

Ice Cream Cones

Professionall Skills

  1. Adobe (Xd, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Corel Draw, Figma

  2. Working knowledge of web development (WordPress)

  3. Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and

  4. video editing with Camtasia

  5. Having experience with social media advertising and digital marketing

  6. Familiarity with HTML, CSS and UX/UI design

  7. Photography skills

Personal Qualities

  1. Excellent attention to detail and awareness about job responsibility

  2. Strong work ethic with customer

  3. Critical thinking

  4. Skilled in handling multiple tasks from graphic design to leading the team members.

  5. Time Management

  6. Excellent communicator, quick to grasp the bigger picture

  7. Excellent attention to detail and awareness about job responsibility

  8. Strong Memory

  9. Pretty good at math

  10. Eager to learn

  11. Professional at playing saxophone

Pedram Fayazian Bio.jpg


  1. Member of Iranian Graphic Designers Society (Since 2006)

  2. Obtained the 1st Grade of Graphic Design from State Organization of Technical and Vocational Education (2006)

  3. Obtained Third rank in the field of Graphic Design in the 5th Iran National Skill Competition (2004)

  4. Advertising Engineering and Creative Ads Modern techniques 

  5. Sales Engineering Applied Course 

  6. Google UX Design Certificate 

  7. Linkedin Assessment badge in Adobe Ps, Adobe XD, MS Word & PowerPoint, etc. 

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