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PEDNOR Bakery app

The product:

I designed an app to order bread online and my target users are local people in the same area who are busy with their jobs, studies, etc., but still want fresh bread.

Project duration:

This app is designed in 2 weeks in Jun. 2022 to Feb. 2022

Project overview


The problem:

A lot of employees don't have time to buy fresh bread every day, they would like to order daily bread without wasting any time.

The goal:

Making an easy Connection between residents to local bakeries to improve their access to fresh bread every day

My role:

Lead UX designer and UX researcher from concepting to delivery.


Conducting interviews, Research, wireframing, prototyping (LO/Fi – Hi/Fi), Conducting usability studies,  launching, After launch search, and iterating on designs.


Platform to access to buy bread with the right to different choices

Order time

Need to register order at any time for future use and to take orders on time.

Bakery schdule

Having the right data about the volume of each type of bread to bake for the bakery schedule

(Information architecture)

Lack of Bread's real picture makes users confused, and lack of choice for frequently orders is the reason to waste time

Paper wireframes

I have tried to have a simple and customized form to achieve easy-to-use app and consider customer accessibility so I have drawn different shape to gain the best

Wireframe Hand-Digital.jpg
Usability study findings Mockup- No back.png

Usability study: findings

I conducted two times usability studies, after wireframe design and after Hi-Fidelity design. Finding from the first study helped guide the designs from wireframes to mockups. The second time used a high-Fidelity  prototype and revealed what aspects of the mockups needed refining.

First round

Users want to, we change profile and cart button place.

Users want to, we make some changes in the "Add to cart" process.

Users want to, we put subscription items for frequent orders.

Second round

Users need to track the order or able to make contact with bakery or driver.

Users Like to have a Scoring system to score better breads according to users.

Users like to find the bread pakaging models in app photos.


Early designs was good for home page and all participants in usability studies have got convenience with it, So I have converted it to Hi-Fi and use it.

Mockup 2 page stand.jpg
Mockup in hand.jpg

Accessibility considerations

  • Used right and real photo to help make better decision.

  • Showed details for each bread to know about ingredient.

  • Used several payment method and login to make users comfortable.

  • Provided access to user who are vision impaired through adding alt text to images for screen readers.

  • Inserted order history and frequently order system to prevent waste time

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